56 Punch-list Of President Jonathan Achievements In 3 Years

This is a compilation of GEJ government achievements in the first 3 years of his administration compiled from various sources:

1. 125 Almajiri Schools in 13 Northern States
2. 27 Special girls school
3. 34 new NCE awarding institutions
4. 101 Presidential Special Scholarship for Innovation and development
5. 10 Million increase in Basic education enrolment (UBEC)
6. 75% Increase in O’Level credit pass in Math and English
7. 100 Innovation Enterprise Institutions licensed
8. 7000 lecturers sponsored for post graduate studies home and abroad
9. 51 Polytechnic laboratories rehabilitated
10. Doubled increase on Education allocation
11. 104 candidates scaled the final hurdle (First Class Graduates) for Presidential scholarship award and were asked to apply to study in any of the top 25 universities in the world approved for the scheme for their PhD.
12. When GEJ assume power in 2010 98% of students that sat for NECO failed to make 5 credits including mathematics and English, as at 2013 70% of students that sat for NECO make 5 credits including maths and English.
13. All states of the federation without a federal university had one each during GEJ Government and they are listed below (12 New Federal Universities). Imagine Number of jobs created for both academic and non-academic staffs and percentage of awaiting students fixed into these schools (Note: 9 out of these 12 universities are in Northern Nigeria):

  • Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa State. —North Central.
  • Federal University, Lokoja, Kogi State. ——-North Central.
  • Federal University, Kashere, Gombe State.– North East.
  • Federal University, Wakari, Taraba State. —-North East.
  • Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State.-North West.
  • Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State.——-North West.
  • Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa State. —South South.
  • Federal University, Ndufe-Alike, Ebonyi State.-South East.
  • Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State.——-South West.
  • Federal University Gashua, Yobe State —-North East.
  • Federal University Birnin-Kebbi, Kebbi state.——-North West.

Federal University Gusau, Zamfara State.——-North West.

Rail Transport:
14. Revitalisation of the railway sector resulting into annual volume of people moved by April 2014 to be 5Million against 1Million of people moved prior to GEJ government.
15. Completed the reconstruction of Lagos-Kano Railway Line that was moribund for many years with no single train movement for 15years but GEJ fixed it in 1year.
16. Kaduna Railway Line is at 85% completion
17. Improvement in rail transportation by a pilot scheme of AC fitted trains in Lagos.
18. Port-Harcourt to Maiduguri rail line abandoned for over 30years is at about 90% completion.
19. Other rail way under construction are:

  • Lagos-Kano Rail
  • Kano-Maiduguri, under construction
  • Lagos-Portharcourt Under construction
  • Kaduna-Abuja
  • Abuja Standard Gauge Rail axis

Road Transportation

20. The following roads are getting the attention of federal government:

  • Apapa – Oshodi Expressway (Undergoing Construction)
  • Benin-Ore-Sagamu Highway (Completed Benin-Ore, Sagamu Ongoing)
  • Enugu-Portharcourt Dual carriage way (Undergoing Construction)
  • Kano – Maiduguri Road (Undergoing Dualisation)
  • Abuja-Abaji-Lokoja Road (Undergoing Dualisation)
  • Onitsha-Owerri Road (Completed)
  • Vom-Manchok Road (Completed)
  • Onitsha Head Bridge – Flyover (Ojukwu Gateway) [Completed by Gov Obi did and got federal refund]
  • Onitsha – Enugu Road (Under Reconstruction)
  • Lokoja – Benin Road (Under Reconstruction)
  • Lagos-Ibadan Expressway (Under Reconstruction after 30years)
  • Mokwa-Bida Road (Under Reconstruction)
  • Akure-Ilesha Road (Under Reconstruction)
  • East-West Road (Under Reconstruction)
  • Sokoto-Tambuwal-Jega Road (Under Reconstruction)
  • Enugu- Abakaliki- Cross River Road (Under Reconstruction)
  • Ogoja – Ikom Road (Under Reconstruction)
  • Vandekiya-Obudu Road (Under Reconstruction)
  • The Second Niger Bridge was concessioned to Juluis Berger and massive early works have commenced
  • Massive construction is ongoing on Lokko-Owetto bridge across River Benue.

Air Transport/ Aviation
21. National Aviation Master plan and Road map was developed and is being implemented
22. Air Safety – INSTALLATION of cutting age navigational aids and Instruments Landing Systems, including runway lights and Total Radar Coverage (TRACON)
23. Airport Infrastructure – For the first time in three decades, ALL 22 federally owned airports are being remodelled and renovated
24. Cargo Airport – 16 airports close to nation’s food baskets designed to transport perishables.
25. New Terminal for 5 International Airports at Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano and Enugu.
26. Certification – US Category 1 Certification attained.

27. Under GEJ, Nigeria has three automobile industries manufacturing vehicles already, Innoson in Nnewi, Peaugeot in Kaduna and Nissan in Lagos. Kia and Toyota are already working on their assembly Plants in Lagos while there is an indication that about 30 car manufacturing companies has signified interests.
28. Nigeria exports cement after becoming self-sufficient of our local demand (this is a feat that was not achieved for many decades).

29. Rice production rose from 1.5Metric Ton from 2010 to 3.5Metric Tons in 2013
30. Nigeria became world leader in cassava production.
31. Nigeria food import reduced by 500Million per annum
32. 6Million farmers now assess fertilizers through the e-wallet systems and this now helps government to cut N50Billion annually from corrupt middlemen.

33. GEJ government introduced the green wall initiative to tackle desertification in the Northern part of Nigeria by planting 6,720,000 trees so far in 10 northern states.
34. UN Statistics shows that life expectancy in Nigeria before GEJ government was 47yrs and the statistics present figure shows it is 52% (If government takes the blame of everything in a nation then it should also takes commendation of anything in the nation)
35. Time to clear goods in Nigerian Ports before GEJ introduced reforms is 38 days as at 2009 but it has been reduced to 7 days.

36. Established 266 public access venues for ICT in 2013.
37. Established 156 Rural IT Centres and 110 community communication centres so far.

38. 3 Billion Naira grant given to Nollywood to encourage their contribution to National GDP.
39. At 7% GDP Growth, Nigeria economy is one of the fastest growing in the world and the biggest in Africa.
40. Value of stocks in the Nigerian stock exchange as at 2009 was N9.92Trillion but as at December 2013 the value of Nigerian stock is N13.23Trillion
41. As at 2013 ending the value of Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria is $7Billion making Nigeria the number one recipient of foreign direct investment in Africa.
42. Nigeria became biggest economy in African overtaking South Africa.
43. Wall street journal adjudged Nigeria as No 1 destination of foreign investors in the world rating Nigeria with 29.57% of total world FDI, Argentina is 2nd while Vietnam came 3rd.
44. Inflation rate before GEJ came to power is 15% presently inflation rate is 9%
45. Volume of imported rice consumed in Nigeria cut down by almost 50% (This has made naira to circulate within the country better) and 100% of rice eaten in aso rock is made in Nigeria.
46. Non-Oil Revenue accrued to government before GEJ government stood at N843 Billion but in 2013 Non-oil revenue stood at N1.34 Trillion.

47. Mortgage – The Nigerian Mortgage Refinancing Corporation was set up to enable 200,000 affordable mortgages within 5 years at affordable interest rate.
48. Over 61,000 housing units have been built in six geographical zones.

49. African Nations Cup (last won in 1994)
50. Fifa U-17 (Last won in 2007)
51. Word Athletic Championship 4 medals (No medal since 2000)

52. Privatised PHCN and Power Generating Plants undergoing constructions in different
53. Power generation increased from 2,200 MegaWatt to 7,000 MegaWatt installed capacity and Nigeria presently generates about 4500 MegaWatt.

54. GEJ has no foreign account, no property aboard and all his kids/ wards school here in Nigeria.
55. Gender friendly government by encouraging the 35% affirmative for women in government:

  • Appointed about 10 female ministers
  • First Female Chief Justice of Nigeria
  • Female Head of Court of Appeal
  • Female Acting Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Female DG of Nigerian Stock Exchange etc
  • Removing the bar of admitting female into Nigeria Defence Academy (Now we will have female armoured tank drivers, female Para-troopers, Jumpers, and so on)

56. Encouragement of youth participation in government with relatively young members of executive cabinet (Average age of 50s) with young ministers like Dr. Nurudeen Mohammed who is the minister of state for foreign affairs (born 20th August 1976 and he is the youngest minister in Nigeria since return to democracy), Tamuno Danagogo who is the minister of sports.


About Dr Joel Oneness Ogbonda

Dr Joel Ogbonda is an information management expert, who has lecturing and oil and gas company experience. He is resident in Port Harcourt.
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